Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and smartwatch hit China

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and smartwatch hit China

A Chinese employee shows a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 smartphone and a Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch at a store of Samsung in Shenyang, northeast Chinas Liaoning province, 25 September 2013.

Samsung Electronics Co Ltd officially introduced its latest flagship Galaxy Note 3 smartphone and the companys first Galaxy Gear smartwatch in China on Sept 25. The China launch of the Galaxy Note 3 was simultaneous with the rest of the world. On Tuesday (24 September 2013) night, Samsung cooperated with China Mobile Ltd to unveil a tailored Galaxy Note 3 supporting the carriers TD-SCDMA 3G mobile network. The newly launched smartphone also supports the Chinese homegrown TD-LTE 4G standard, as China is expected to issue 4G licenses by the year-end and commercialized 4G services by telecom carriers are not far away. People in China can purchase the Note 3 from both online and offline channels. The price of the China Mobile version of the Note 3 is 5,399 yuan ($882), while the price for a Note 3 handset running on China Telecom and China Unicoms networks is 5,799 yuan. The Galaxy Gear smartwatch, which is compatible with the Note 3 and able to make calls and run simple applications, will cost an extra 2,399 yuan. Compared with its predecessor, the Note 2, the Note 3 has a larger screen of 5.7 inches and is equipped with a faster processor. Samsung remains Chinas biggest smartphone vendor by market share. Unlike Apple, who failed to reach a cooperation agreement with China Mobile, Samsung has formed a close relationship with the nations biggest telecom operator. Li Yue, general manager of China Mobile, said Samsung and China Mobile have a good history of cooperation. He said Samsung launched several dozens of smartphone models on China Mobiles 3G network and about half shipped more than 500,000 units.

Publicação: 14 de outubro de 2013


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