South Indian Bridal Makeup Tips for All

Indian marriageis one of the grandest celebrations that take place in the world. The Indian brides wear heavy jewelry and makeup to look their best….


Indian marriageis one of the grandest celebrations that take place in the world. The Indian brides wear heavy jewelry and makeup to look their best.

There are different kinds of Indian marriage ceremonies, and one of the most beautiful is the South Indian wedding.

The bride dresses up in a beautiful saree withgorgeous ornaments. In South Indian wedding, gold and diamonds are a huge part of bridal attire. Another important part is makeup.

Every bride wants to look her best on their wedding day, and this is the reason why they want to have the best makeup on their face. Here are some tips that South Indian Brides should use while doing makeup for their wedding.


Find the Makeup Products Depending on Your Skin Type

The first rule in makeup is to find the perfect product. If you have dry skin, buy products that suit the dry skin. If you have oily skin, buy products that suit this skin type. The reason for this is that South India is usually hot and humid, and if you do not buy the makeup products according to your skin type, your makeup will end up getting washed off.

Always Try the Look Before the Wedding Day

Another thing that you should do is try the makeup look before your wedding. If you are doing the makeupby yourself, make sure you try it at home. If you have hired a makeup artist for it, make sure you both decided what the look will be like. There is no space for any mistake on the wedding day, and you need to know exactly how you will look.

Find the Right Shade ofFoundation and Concealer

Wedding means many pictures, and you do not want to end up looking too bright or too dull. Hence it is important for you to find the right shade of foundation and concealer for yourself. The shade should match the skin tone on your face and the neck. Make sure the foundation and concealer you buy are best for your skin. In addition to the foundation and concealer, you should also buy the right shade of blush and bronzer.


Primer is a Must

Before you start your makeup, do not forget to apply primer. The wedding is the long ceremony, and if you want your makeup to last for a long time, it is necessary that you start it with a primer and then move to the foundation and other things. Always get the primer that is suitable for your skin. The primer is one of the most important steps in your makeup so make sure it is perfect.

Pay Special Attention to the Eyebrows

Most people do not realize, but the eyebrows play a huge role in defining the look. If your eyebrows are done properly, there is a guarantee that you will look stunning. So, please pay attention to how you do your eyebrows and what product you apply on them. The color of the product should match the color of the hair on your eyebrows.Always try to make them look as natural as possible.

Go for the Shimmery Makeup Look

Since there is a lot of jewelry and heavy clothing involved, the dull makeup will make you look underdressed. Hence, it would help if you go for a shimmery makeup look. This does not mean that you should apply a lot of highlighters. It just means that you should opt for the bronze or golden look so that it matches your attire. Make sure to use the shimmer in proportion so that it does not look too made-up.

Bold Colors for the Dark-Skinned Bride

If you have dark skin, you should take it as an advantage. You can look your great in bold colors such as maroon and red. You can apply heavy golden eyeshadow and add some bold eyeliner. The dark-skinned brides look good with bold makeup that makes their features stand out. If you are fair or light-skinned, try out softmakeup looks.

Use Shimmery Bronzer and Blush

Your marriage is the occasion when you want to look amazing, and hence you may opt for shimmery bronzer and evenshimmeryblush.

Play store is too much, apply the product under your foundation, and you will look as if you are glowing from within. That’s exactly how every bride wants to look.


Always Bake the Makeup

As we have already mentioned, marriage is a long ceremony, and you need to look your best for it. For that, your makeup needs to last for a long time. So, baking is a necessity for you. Baking should be one of the most important steps. It will help you in setting your foundation, contour, and other makeup. Make sure you do not overdo the baking.

Use Lip Liners and Set the Makeup

If you are intended to use some dark and bright lipstick, then you should also use a lip liner. Line your lips with a pencil and then apply the lipstick. This way you will be able to get the perfectly plump lips, and your lipstick will last all day. If you want the lipstick to last even longer, dab some powder on it and then apply another coat of lipstick.

Thus, your lipstick won’t budge.

These are some of the basic tips that will help the South Indian bride look her best on her wedding day. The trick is to learn the perfect makeup technique from online
platforms and buy the best products from online websites such as

Once you have the most advanced techniques and the quality products, it becomes really easy for you to look and feel your best and on the wedding day. If you have doubts about your skills, it is always best to hire a makeup artist or consult Fabulive makeup experts.




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